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Ephemeral short film written and directed by Sheherazade Bodin produced by Blue Metaphor Ltd


Body dysmorphia affects at least 2% of the population in the UK. It is a universal, genderless and ageless issue. 

I spent months interviewing men and women, from 18 to 60 years old, suffering from an eating disorder and/or body dysmorphia. Most of them wished they knew earlier what the latter was.

Through "Ephemeral" my aim is to bring awareness to the audience, by showing how deep one’s consciousness can go, but also on what society inflicts on women and men: what we should look like, what is healthy or unhealthy,  all through unrealistic goals.

I want to portray body dysmorphia and hyperphagia bulimia, as the latter is the less common eating disorder being shown on screen.

“Ephemeral” explores hyperphagia bulimia (binge eating) without glamorizing it, AS IT HAS SO OFTEN BEEN DONE IN FILMS.

Through this story, I would like to express how hard it is to deal with body dysmorphia, for the person who suffers from it, but also the entourage.

I want the audience to watch the film and think “yes, that’s it, that is exactly how I feel when that situation happens”. I want people to feel represented. 

“Ephemeral” may start as a short film, but has the potential of expanding into a bigger story I'd like to tell, with the aim to help people feeling less alone with their issues.

"A talented but doubtful singer must overcome
her body dysmorphia in order to attend a live
audition, while dealing with her loving
photographer boyfriend’s trust issues."

"Ephemeral" is a psychological short, a genre piece, using the dark psychological and fantastical elements to portray body dysmorphia and binge-eating.

Through the story, we can feel the solitude of the main protagonist, her struggle, her pain, but also the solitude of her partner. The beauty of the film resides in its cinematography, but also in its costumes, makeup and choreographies.

"Ephemeral" is a new genre, a beautiful piece acting as the interpretation of several generations' struggle.

Ephemeral short film written and directed by Sheherazade Bodin and produced by Blue Metaphor Ltd


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