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we need your help

We have already conducted a crowdfunding campaing, raising over £1k. It is a good start and we hope to raise enough to be able to bring Ephemeral to life!
Thanks to everyone who has been donating so far, we are so very grateful.

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Creating a film, especially as complexe as Ephemeral, with the use of special effects, avant-garde costumes and daring makeups, is expensive. To be honest, if we could pay our cast and crew fairly, we would need at least £20k.

As all of us are really passionnate about this project, we are asking for the bare minimum : £4000. This will allow us to film for 5 days including equipment, locations, insurance, props, costumes, make up, meals, travel and accomodation, for 17 people. Yes, that is a lot of people !

We have been very lucky to partner with with artists and companies to help us achieve that goal, either it is Optikal Jukebox who will lend us some equipment, or 3DPK who will help us in the post-production phase with VFX.

We have some great rewards left from our crowdfunding campaign. If you wish to get one, just sent us an email, make the donation and it is all yours !

Our rewards

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