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Why this film?

"Ephemeral might be a story coming from my head, my own struggle, my own eating disorder, it is way more for me. It is a movement, for more inclusive representation on screen, using the art that is cinema to convey powerful messages.

My aim through Ephemeral is to help at least one person to feel less alone and more empowered. I want to bring awareness on issues we don't talk enough, especially on big screen.

Ephemeral is a piece of art, mixing beautiful costumes, creative makeups, daring metaphors, dance, incredible cinematography to take the audience through a deep magical journey.

Through the painfully complex realtionship between Mia, the main character, and her eating disorder, I want those suffering from the same issue to say "yes, that's exactly how I feel when that situation happens". Even if it is just one person. Let's break stereotypes, let's break taboos. Let's talk truth."



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